Sugar and Spice Ranch


We offer custom built authentic Adirondack lean-to's, gazebos and Adirondack cabins. These are hand-scribed and hand-chiseled which makes each one a unique item. No two will ever be alike. Adding to its uniqueness are a variety of options available to further customize your personal lean-to, gazebo or cabin.


  • Basic Log Lean-to Kit - (handcrafted)-$6800.00
  • Cedar Log Lean-to Kit - (handcrafted)-$7800.00
  • Milled Log Lean-to Kit - (3-sided)-$4500.00
  • Cedar Log Gazebo Kit - $7800.00
  • Cabins - please call for pricing


  • Starts at $1200.00 and depends on access and site

  • On-call basis; cost depends on distance
  • For more information on available options or products, please contact us by phone or email at

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